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Paper of the month

  • New observations of the ultra-diffuse galaxy NGC1052-DF2, published in Nature by van Dokkum et al., seem to show that it contains an unusually low amount of dark matter, perhaps barely any at all. This conclusion was reached after independently...
Do you think we are close to discovering dark matter?
Yes, the hints from four experiments clearly point to dark matter.
No, not with all the inconsistent results of dark matter experiments.
Maybe, in 10-20 years from now with more data.
Total votes: 14
  • Did you know that the european research center, CERN, where is located one of the important colliders, LHC, to test the Standard Model and search for possible extension, was the birthplace of the World Wide Web?

    This was an answer to the needs of storing a big amount of data to analyse from the runs.