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University of Melbourne: Female-only faculty position / Lectureship in Physics

University of Melbourne: Female-only faculty position / Lectureship in Physics

The University plan seeks to increase the diversity of the workforce and the representation of women in areas where they have been traditionally under-represented. Consistent with this, the School of Physics is seeking to increase the representation of women in the academic workforce across physical science disciplines. Pursuant to a Special Measure under Section 12 (1) of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic), the School will, therefore, only consider applications from suitably qualified female candidates for this position


The University of Melbourne has the leading particle physics group in Australia.  Current members are Ray Volkas, Nicole Bell and Matthew Dolan (theory) and Geoff Taylor, Elisabetta Barberio, Phillip Urquijo and Martin Sevior (experiment), plus a significant number of students and postdocs.

There is existing expertise in many areas of particle theory (including dark matter, neutrino physics, Higgs physics, flavour, BSM model building, collider phenomenology, etc) and experiment (collider physics at ATLAS and Belle II; experimental dark matter searches SABRE and CYGNUS).  In addition, there are strong links with theoretical and observational astrophysics. An underground physics laboratory (SUPL) close to Melbourne is planned, which will house the SABRE dark matter detector and other experiments.


The School of Physics is seeking the appointment of an outstanding female academic to the Jacob Haimson and Beverly Mecklenburg Lectureship in Physics. The successful candidate will undertake high-level research of exceptional promise in physics. The position is open to female researchers with research expertise in the following areas; Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Physical Biosciences, and Theoretical Particle Physics


Close date: 16 Oct 2017


U. Melbourne is also advertising the following positions:


*Endowed chair in Experimental Neutrino Physics or Gravitational Wave Physics.

*Female-only faculty position (tenure track) in astronomy: