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One-year postdoc position in Montpellier, France

One-year postdoc position in Montpellier, France

This opening is in the framework of the project "New physics from a natural electroweak symmetry breaking", a collaboration between the particle physics theory groups in Montpellier (L2C & LUPM) [] and Marseille (CPT) [], supported by the excellence program "Origins, Constituents and Evolution of the Universe" []. The principal investigators are M. Knecht (CPT), M. Frigerio and J.-L. Kneur (L2C). Other members of the involved laboratories with related interests include G. Moultaka (L2C), F. Bruemmer, C. Hugonie (LUPM), and L. Lellouch (CPT).


The successful candidate should conduct research on theoretical aspects of particle physics beyond the Standard Model. We especially aim to the analysis of strongly-coupled theories of electroweak symmetry breaking in a broad sense. Desirable qualifications include composite Higgs models, conformal field theories and their dual, as well as non-perturbative techniques in confining gauge theories.

We envisage a start date in autumn 2017. The appointment is for a fixed term of one year, subject to yearly renewal if funding becomes available, and it includes a specific budget for travel. The postdoc will be based in Montpellier, and frequent visits to Marseille will be supported to foster the collaboration.


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