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Invisibles18 School starts in Germany

Invisibles18 School starts in Germany

The Invisibles18 School takes place this week at the TUM Science & Study Center Raitenhaslach in Burghausen, Germany (from August 28th to September 1st, 2018).


It precedes the Invisibles18 Workshop KIT in Karlsruhe.The Invisible18 School is jointly organised by the Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network ITN Elusives and the Collaborative Research Center 'Neutrinos and Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics' (SFB1258).   


Lecture topics:

  • The birth of (non-stellar) neutrino astronomy: multi-messenger astrophysics and active galactic nuclei - Paolo Padovani, ESO

  • Axion and ALPs: a broader view - Jörg Jäckel, University of Heidelberg

  • DM without prejudice - Kathryn Zurek, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Neutrinos with focus on non-oscillation physics - Kate Scholberg, Duke University

  • Classical solutions in field theory - Andrew Cohen, Boston University  


Check out the full programme here: