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Day 5 of Neutrino 2018 conference: theoretical prospects and sterile neutrino searches

Day 5 of Neutrino 2018 conference: theoretical prospects and sterile neutrino searches

Friday, 8 June 2018

On the 5th day of the Neutrino 2018 conference the theoretical prospects of neutrino physics and the last results on sterile neutrino searches in short baseline and reactor experiments have been addressed.

The first part of the morning session has been dedicated to the theory overviews concerning heavy neutrino searches at LHC, neutrino mass models, the role of neutrinos in Flavor Physics, and neutrino Non-Standard Interactions.

During the second part of the morning session, the DANSS, NEOS, STEREO, and PROSPECT collaborations have updated their last results. In particular, PROSPECT has shown the new results based on 33 days of reactor-on and 28 days of reactor-off data set which can be found in their paper. STEREO has also reported the new results based on 60 days of data taking, shown in their paper. All the experiments exclude the Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly best fit of ∆m241 = 2.3eV2, and sin22θ= 0.14. On top of that, the DANSS experiment has set its best fit value of ∆m241=1.4eV2, and sin22θ= 0.05 at 2.8σ over the no-oscillation hypothesis.

In the afternoon session, the last results of MiniBooNE and MicroBooNE as well as the present status of the SBN Program have been presented. A summary on the new results of MiniBooNE experiment was recently reported here. The present Global Picture of the possible explanation of neutrino oscillation through sterile neutrinos has been discussed by the Elusives member Michele Maltoni.

Finally, the picture of neutrinos in Cosmology and the present situation of successful Leptogenesis have been reviewed as closing of the fifth day of the Neutrino conference.

Follow the conference and these very interesting results at the conference website:


Text by Xabier Marcano, Álvaro Hernández-Cabezudo & Josu Hernández-García.