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BSM2017 Conference

BSM2017 Conference

The BSM2017 Conference, hosted by the Center for Fundamental Physics at Zewail City of Science and Technology in Egypt, will be held at Sonesta Pharaoh Resort in Hurghada, Egypt, on September 16-20, 2017.


The conference aims at strengthening the international collaboration between the high energy physicists from the Middle East, Europe, US and other institutes all around the world. It has allowed fruitful discussions on recent experimental and theoretical aspects of high energy physics related to the manifestation and description of physics beyond the Standard Model.


The program consists of plenary presentations by invited speakers and contributions selected from submitted abstracts, on the following topics: Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Supersymmetry, Neutrino and Flavor Physics, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, LHC Physics, Cosmology, Strings Theory.


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